Wood Floors bring natural beauty and warmth to your home. To keep your wood floors looking and performing for generations follow these guidelines. The maintenance schedule may vary depending on the use, wear and tear, and your lifestyle.

Maintenance schedule

Sweep with a soft bristle broom or dust with a dry microfiber mop daily to remove dirt, pet hair and other debris. This helps prevent it from scratching and scuffing the floor.

Vacuum weekly using the bare floor setting. Make sure the beater bar is off because it can cause damage to the surface of the floor.

Clean the floors with a manufacture recommended cleaner such as Bona or Woca Soaps. Do this monthly or more often if needed.

Maintenance tips

  • Do not us vinyl or tile cleaning products on wood floors. Self polishing acrylic waxes will cause the wood to become slippery and look dull.
  • Do not wet mop or steam mop wood floors. Water and steam can dull the finish and cause water damage to the wood, including warping and cupping.
  • Wipe up spills immediately before they can soak in.
  • Place felt pad protectors on legs of furniture to prevent scuffs and scratches. Make sure to replace every so often to avoid debris build up.
  • Avoid walking on wood floors with sports cleats and high heels. A 125lbs woman in heals can exert 8,000lbs per square inch which can dent wood floors.
  • When moving furniture do not slide on the wood floor. Pick up to prevent scratches.In kitchens place rugs near sinks.