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Are your floors ready to be refinished?

Over time solid hardwood and engineered wood finishes will dull, fade, and get scratches or dents. The two main ways to fix or freshen up your floors are to sand and refinish them or screen and recoat them. Bergens Hardwood Flooring can help you with the best option for your floor.

Sand and refinish

Bergens Hardwood Flooring can bring new life back to your old wood floors with a sand and refinish. In this process, all furniture is completely removed from the area being refinished. Areas are plastic and taped off to contain any debris not collected from the vacuum. Any bad boards will be replaced at this point. The entire wood flooring will be sanded down to bare wood. After the sanding stage, the floor will be sealed with a stain color of your choice. The final steps are to apply 3 coats of finish with the sheen of your choice. Satin, semi-gloss or gloss.

Some of the reasons to sand and refinish your wood floors are:

  • If the finish has worn down to bare wood.
  • If you have dents and scratches that penetrate through the finish
  • If you are adding to your original wood floors.
Refinishing in San Diego, CA area from Bergens Hardwood Flooring

Screen and recoat

For the screen and recoat process, all furniture is removed from the area being worked on. The flooring is cleaned to remove any contaminants that could react with the new finish. The floor is lightly buffed and a fresh coat of finish is applied.

Some of the reasons to screen and recoat your wood floors are:

  • If the finish is worn down
  • For regular maintenance to prevent future damage
  • To freshen up the look of your floors