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Wood Floor Installation




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Three main ways to install wood flooring


Nail down installation

This installation process involves nailing or stapling the wood flooring material directly to a wood subfloor. Typically the installer will "blind-nail" the flooring material through the tongue of the boards into the wood subfloor. This way the nails are not visible after the flooring is installed.

Glue down installation

This method of installation involves using adhesive to adhere the flooring material directly to the subfloor or moisture barrier installed directly on the subfloor.

Floating installation

Wood Floor Installation in San Diego, CA area from Bergens Hardwood Flooring
In this method of installation, the floors are not attached to any subfloor, they simply float above it. Either adhesive is applied to the boards to keep them together, or the boards are made to simply snap together. An underlayment is placed between the wood floor and the subfloor to protect against moisture and reduce noise.